Listed Property Insurance

We are one of the UK's top providers of insurance for listed, period, high value and unusual homes, with unrivalled experience built up over a period of more than 30 years.
Our unique schemes are underwritten at Lloyd's by established insurers who understand the particular demands and needs of old and unusual property ownership.

Our aim is always to surprise and delight with the best possible cover available at a premium that will not break the bank. Each home we insure is rated on it’s own merits, so you won’t be paying for other people’s mistakes.

We currently insure properties with an aggregated value in excess of £1billion. As well as dealing direct with home owners we provide a service to banks, buildings societies and other insurance brokers.

We are privileged in insuring some of the finest examples of vernacular architecture in the UK. From town and country mansions, Scottish castles through to the (once) modest thatched and timber framed dwellings of the Yeoman farmers.

We are worldly enough to know that insuring your house is not the most interesting thing you will be doing today, but practical enough to believe it might be the most important.

We can't promise to make insurance fun – we can try to make it painless!
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